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Moving on, leaving factor10

There is a time and place for everything, and my time at factor10 is coming to an end. It’s time for me to sleep less at hotels and spend more time with my family, and I hope to work in other ways than I’ve done in the past. I will still be available for coaching, teaching and consulting, but to a lesser extent and perhaps in different ways.

These years since we started factor10 has been very intense and it’s been great to work with the world-class software minds of Jimmy Nilsson, Lennart Ohlsson, Andreas Brink, Aslam Khan, Anders Janmyr and Steve van der Merwe. I’ve learned a lot of cool things from these guys. But even if it’s been very inspiring, it’s been taking it’s toll. When we started factor10, my wife and I had no kids, but during these few years our family has grown and we now have two small children. It’s time for me to change lifestyle.

If you intend to email me, from now on you’ll reach me at niclas at this domain, and if you have any other of my old email addresses lying around, you can safely discard them as well. The cell phone number is same as it’s always been.