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Pair programming desk

Pair programming is perhaps the most underestimated agile practices. Many organizations that adopt agile are still very sceptic towards pair programming. I talked about this as a part of my talk on “Unintuitive parts of agile” at SDC 2009, and I intend to write more about it.

At SDC 2009, I also showed the pair programming desk that we designed at factor10. Over the years we’ve been pairing at various client sites on straight desks, the rounded (convex) ends of conference tables, and on really bad setups on concave desks. To make a long story short, when we furnished the factor10 Gothenburg office, we decided to create a great desk for pair programming and now that we’ve had it for a year, we’ve decided to publish the blueprints under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Any decent wood workshop should be able to use the blueprints if you want one yourself.

More information and the blueprints can be found at the factor10 website. If you decide to build one for yourself, I’ll be interested to hear your feedback, and if you decide to use the power of Creative Commons and modify it to better suit your particular need, I’d be very curious to hear about modifications and how they worked out.