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Interviewed by FSCONS

A month ago, I gave a talk about Agile and Scrum at the Free Software Conference held in Gothenburg. I had a good time, the talk went well, there were a lot of people in the room and the attendees had several interesting questions.

Before the conference, the organizers did an interview with me, which is now published on their site. The interview topic was naturally about agile, somewhat in general, but also specifically from a free software perspective. We also talked about why I run OS X and what it would take to make me switch (back) to a completely free operating system.

If was a nice conference, but it was very different from the ones I usually attend. The most interesting thing is that most people attending (from all over the world) have strong political opinions, but their opinions differ very much about more or less everything, except for about free software. The interesting thing is that the most liberal people and the most socialistic people share opinions on free software, copyright issues and similar things. It’s like the political opinions more form a circle than a line with opposing ends that it’s normally presented as.

But the very best thing about the conference was of course that they had free beer for only 50 swedish crowns.

Free beer