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Expo-C in Gothenburg!

Finally - a software conference in Gothenburg! And not just any conference…

If I say Ralph Johnson (yes, him), Jim Coplien (who’s delivered two of the best seminars I’ve ever seen), Rickard Öberg (who has contributed enormously to the Java community - Jboss, XDoclet, Webwork), Dan North (the man behind Behaviour-Driven Development - another brilliant speaker) and Jimmy Nilsson (Sweden’s first MVP in architecture, who recently brought Domain-Driven Design to the Microsoft community) - what do you say?

I just thought: All this? At the same day? In Gothenburg? Can’t be true. Has never happened before. But Expo-C obviously decided to change this.

And then, the organizers asked me if I would consider to be the moderator during the seminar day. I thought about it for a while (15 seconds I think), and then replied ”I’d be honored!” as calm as I could.

Expo-C is about design, architecture and development processes - the very essence of this craft. It’s about thinking and making good decisions, not about vendors or products.

Since many good developers are getting a deeper interest in process and collaboration issues, this years program contains a good share of agile software development topics. If you wished that your project was more agile than it currently is - don’t forget to bring your project manager and/or stakeholder to help change situation to a more productive one.

What I have really liked about the previous Expo-C conferences is that they do it differently. One of the organizers, Anki Nilsson, is a professional communication coach and pedagogue, and this really shows. They have a lot of clever, interesting ways of increasing the learning experience and to facilitate the communication between the speakers and the attendees, so this is not the normal one-way communication conference. I’ve learned a lot during previous Expo-C’s.

So - I’ll see you at Ullevi in a few weeks!