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Passionate discussions

I love meeting and working with passionate people. I love the energy and I really enjoy the discussions, but what I experienced at Öredev indicates more passion than I’ve seen in quite a while.

At the speakers dinner, Marcus Widerberg, Jim Coplien, Magnus Mårtensson and I got into interesting and heated debates, as a follow-up on Jims excellent and provocative talk earlier that day. Peter Neubauer sat in the middle of two discussions and shared his time between them. We had a wonderful time and the debate was intense and really, really good.

Suddenly Marcus just stopped. Marcus, who has been a vegetarian for eight years, had, while debating, managed to eat a piece of the duck that he had been served (also without noticing). When he suddenly realized what he’d done, he got pretty shocked. But that’s what I call passion! He was so involved in the debate that I can fully understand that it happened, especially since he hasn’t been a vegetarian all his life. To me, it is a very good and illustrating story about passion, and, no (I know what you are thinking), it was early in the evening, so alcohol was not the reason.

The best and geekiest comment the moments after came from Peter Neubauer who looked at Marcus and said: “- So, now your eight years of uptime is gone.”

Thanks Marcus for letting me write about this!