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This years OOPSLA will be very fun and intense for me. I actually got four tutorials to give, one in collaboration with Jon-Erling Dahl, one in collaboration with Jimmy Nilsson and two by myself.

The first tutorial (chronologically) is called Dynamic languages for statically typed minds and is a tutorial that focuses on what the differences really are between dynamic languages (a.k.a. agile languages) and static languages. The most obvious difference is that dynamic languages have a dynamic type system, but that’s just one tiny aspect of the dynamics in dynamic languages. And from my perspective, definitely not one of the key differences. There is a lot of other dynamic stuff that are really powerful tools, which can really cause a mind-shift.

The second tutorial is Test-Driven Development - Hands-on! , where Jimmy and I will give the attendees the opportunity to try TDD for themselves with guidance from us. We will explain what TDD is, how it works, techniques, values and other important aspects of TDD, but it will definitely be a hands-on session. The attendees can actually choose if they prefer to work in Visual Studio with C# or in Eclipse with Java.

On the second day, Jon and I will give a code generation tutorial called Generate the Repetitive, Boring Code: How to Write Code Generators. We will show a lot of different ways to write and use code generators, both using half-baked generators and writing them from scratch, and we will give our best advise of when to write/use code generators and when not to.

The last tutorial is Ruby on Rails: A Kickstart, which is a hands-on tutorial on Ruby on Rails. I’ll start off by showing how Rails works and how to think when developing Rails applications. Then next step is to demonstrate how to write a Rails application, and after that, it’s time for the attendees to write their very first Rails application! If the tutorial gets a lot of attendees, Jon has promised that I can recruit him to help me out.

A lot to do, but very fun!

See you in Portland?