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Gothenburg Ruby/Rails User Group started

Next Tuesday (September 5) will be the first meeting of the Gothenburg Ruby/Rails User Group - GRUG!

The first meeting will be very informal, even more informal than the following gatherings, since will will start out focusing on beer and people - not computers and code. We’ll take the chance to get to know each other before we really get going.

Anyone in the Gothenburg/west-coast area with interest in Ruby is more than welcome to join! Tell you friends! And no - you don’t have to be an expert, just curious!

The reason to call it Ruby/Rails (at least at this point) is to try to communicate that we (obviously) like both. Even if you have a primary focus in either Ruby (the language) or Rails (the framework/software factory), there will be plenty of things to discuss in both areas that will be of interest for the group.

Send me a mail at and I’ll send you the invitation to the mailing list and the meeting details.

I’m really looking forward to this!