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Expo-C 2006

I’ve gotten the opportunity to speak about Ruby on Rails at Expo-C in May. Expo-C is a software development conference running in a Swedish city called Karlskrona, and it is refreshing to see something related to software development happening outside of the three major city regions (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Öresund) in Sweden. And since I’ve only been in Karlskrona during the winter (not the best time of year), I look forward to visiting this coast city in May this time.

I didn’t attend the conference last year, but I’ve heard positive things about it afterwards, and when I see the program this year - it looks promising. The strange things is that they managed to fill the conference only with topics that are high up on my list of interesting things. Things like code generation, programming languages (not just ‘mainstream’ ones), architecture, agile methods and test/behaviour driven development (do we have to spell it ‘behaviour’ instead of ‘behavior’ just because Dan is British?). 100% matches my interests. Very unusual. Almost a bit scary… (hmm… now, where are the hidden cameras?). And they put in some timeslots for Open Spaces as well - a thing which I first encountered just a couple of months ago and liked a lot.

As you may have figured out by now, I obviously look forward to listening to all of the other speakers, but what makes me most curious is to see if Erik Meijer will be able to convert me into a Visual Basic believer. He seems to have some very interesting points about Visual Basics dynamic and static typing according to the program proceedings.

If your software interests at all matches mine - check out the Expo-C program. Small but beautiful.